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White Mountain Forager is owned by Douglas Gralenski.  Incorporated in 2012. White Mountain Forager specializes in bringing many wild gourmet foods to market.  Gourmet wild mushrooms, fiddle heads, ramps, and various wild berries are among the wild foods offered as each comes into season.  In addition, other wild plants with medicinal value are harvested.  In particular - Chaga, one of the most potent antioxidants known.  White Mountain Forager prides itself in providing the highest quality wild foods.  And beyond having the highest quality control, White Mountain Forager also practices sustainable harvest and, adheres to strict landowner ethics.  Having retired in 2012 after 27 years as a Conservation Officer, Doug knows and understands the importance of being a good steward to the land. White Mountain Forager continues to embrace these same values and ethics.

Our Story

Although a formal company for only a few years, White Mountain Forager had its genesis many years prior.  Doug has been harvesting wild mushrooms since he was a small child, being taught the art of foraging at his fathers, and often grandmothers, side.  Beyond instilling a knowledge of the woods, they also instilled a deep passion for our forests and ecosystems.  Doug went on to pursue a degree in Wildlife Management and then 27 years as a Conservation Officer in his childhood home of northern NH.  Beginning around 15 years ago Doug began to dabble in commercial sales, beginning with the Balsams Grand Resort.  Over the years, both his inventory of mushroom patches, as well as demand for them, has increased dramatically.  A viable business plan was beginning to form.  Synchronized with the public's growing knowledge of the health benefits of "eating wild"  White Mountain Forager has an ever expanding list of satisfied customers.  And beyond simply enjoying the fruits of nature, White Mountain Forager customers can also rest assured that all their concerns regarding harvest techniques, source point pollution, and landowner ethics are being strictly adhered to.  As a Conservation Officer Doug worked side by side with landowners for many years, with the goal of protecting and conserving our local habitats.  White Mountain Forager embraces these same principles.

Our Mission

There is a rapidly growing demand for wild foods and medicines.  It seems we are just now starting to relearn what our ancestors already knew many centuries prior.   Of course, many of the people yearning for these foods now live in urban environments.  And of course, wild foods grow in the wild places.  It is White Mountain Forager's goal to act as the medium to bring the two together.  But satisfying the customer is only part of the business plan.  Northern NH, as well as adjoining rural communities in northern VT and ME, have weak economies. Rural landowners often don't have the knowledge or ability to harvest these valuable crops.  It is White Mountain Forager's mission to work with these landowners to form a cooperative relationship where all benefit.  By doing so this will also ensure long term sustainable harvest. As these wild foods will be recognized for what they are, a valuable renewable resource.  We feel this is very important to embrace as a business.  We know our customers feel the same way.

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