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100% Chaga Tea Bags - 15 Count

  • About

    For your convenience White Mountain Forager offers 100% pure chaga in 15 ready to use handmade tea bags.  Each 2.5” by 2.75” tea bag contains 3 grams of chaga and comes in a handy 16 oz. aluminum tin.

  • How to Use

    Simply use as you would any tea bag.  Place teabag in cup of simmering water and tea will form within seconds.  However, remember that for each 100% pure chaga tea bag to release its goodness, a long soak is preferred.  And remember, each individual teabag will produce several cups worth of tea.  To maximize the antioxidants you consume, you should either reuse the tea bag when making individual cups, or use a teabag to simmer larger quantity.  Note:  Each teabag makes about 3 cups of tea.    

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