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Chaga / Elderberry Tea Bags - 15 Count

  • About

    Similar to Chaga Tea, but with a mild elderberry flavor, the 2.5” by 2.75” handmade Chaga/Elderberry tea bags are two parts chaga (2 grams) to one part (1 gram) dried wild elderberries.  15 tea bags come in a 16 oz. aluminum tin.

  • How to Use

    Simply use as you would any tea bag.  Place teabag in cup of simmering water and tea will form within seconds.  Each individual teabag will produce several cups worth of tea.  To maximize the antioxidants you consume, you should either reuse the tea bag when making individual cups, or use a teabag to simmer larger quantity.  Note:  Each teabag makes about 3 cups of tea.  Tea will have a mild berry characteristic.

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